Before HerShe I was lonely, and afraid of making new friends. From past hurt of toxic friendships. I was living life daily with no sense of purpose. Constantly feeling depressed, and had no motivation to do anything. During this time I was failing all my college courses, my relationship with my parents were in turmoil, I just got out of a toxic relationship, and felt like I had no friends.

Once I started to attend HerShe, I slowly started to come out of my shell. I have started to trust again, and gained meaningful friendships that I will treasure. My relationship with my parents are great, I consider them my best friends. Now, I am only three classes away from graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. HerShe is important because it allows others who do not have it all together to come and feel like they belong in the world.

HerShe has changed my life. I went from attending every month to helping with HerShe. I encourage any girls at any stage in life to attend HerShe because it allows you to meet people who will change you life, and to have good clean fun. I hope by reading this today that you are encouraged to start the journey to a better you by attending HerShe.

- Shanequa Conner, age 25